Bowers & Wilkins

_1179449For many, Bowers and Wilkins, often just called B & W loudspeakers is synonymous with high-end, high quality audiophile speakers. They are also often considered a benchmark by which other speakers area measured.

B & W was founded by John Bowers in 1968 In Worthington, West Sussex, England and continues to reside there. In 1982 the company opened a dedicated research facility where they could explore the limits of high-performance speaker design. As a result, B & W is responsible for the introduction of exotic materials such as Kevlar® and Diamond to the loudspeaker world. These materials create lighter and more rigid drivers with better control of resonance which lead to superior sonic performance. Additionally, their use of “phase linear” cabinet design configurations which physically time-align drivers allow for improved sound-stage, imaging and coherence. Other important innovations have been the use of Matrix bracing technique for improved rigidity of the speaker cabinets resulting in lower coloration and Flowport technology which improves the performance of ported speaker cabinets. These are just some of the innovations this trend-setting company is responsible for.

As a result of the painstaking design, the performance of B & W speakers has always been a reference.  B & W became an obvious choice of the most famous recording studio in the world, Abby Road, where some of the most important musical acts in history have and continue to record.  These recordings, starting in 1988 with the 801 Matrix have been mastered using B & W loudspeakers. Today, Abby Road continues to use the 800 Diamond for this purpose.

B & W has enjoyed great success over the years with iconic speakers such as the 801 matrix and the current 802 Diamond which is one of if not the best-selling ultra-high-performance speaker in history. When you consider how much speaker you get for your money, the 802D is unequaled by any rival. The unique combination of mass-market sales numbers and niche market performance is a blend that is simply unmatched and leads to a concept not often realized in the high-end audio world; a bargain!

What this all means to the consumer in the market for high-performance speakers is that you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not making a B & W product in your price range part of the auditioning process, a mistake. B & W employs technology that trickles down from the very top in all of their speakers from the flexible custom-install product, the Custom Theater Series, the affordable 600 Series, and the exceptional CM Series. In other words, if you want legendary B & W performance but don’t want to spend 800 series money, there is likely still a perfect product for you!

For us at Avid Home Theater, the relationship with Bowers and Wilkins is one we’re proud of and seems a natural fit. Custom installation is a big part of who we are and the extremely well-though-out and expansive selection of installed product instantly became a big part of our business. It allows us a performance advantage at a competitive price point. We also show some of B & W’s CM and 800 Diamond series such as the CM10s2 and the 802D at our Danville showroom location. Along with their stable-mate Classe Electronics, we’ve found wonderful synergy between other exceptional brands we carry such as Hegel, Asthetix and Naim Audio and B & W speakers.

Please contact us to set up a consultation so that we can share this iconic, wonderful line of products with you!