_4176371What does “sound” mean?Sound is defined as vibration traveling through a medium which can be heard. But there are deeper meanings to the word “sound”. The perception of it makes up one of the five senses – a physical phenomenon affecting how we interpret the natural world. Through sound we sense direction and movement and time. We can feel sound move freely about us like a substance. Yet there’s this amazing context to sound – it can conjure memories and emotions like happiness and fear. It can soothe us to sleep or violently awake us. We can hear sound and identify its origin like thunder or a cat meowing. Rhythmically we have an emotional connection to it and saying the word affects how we bond. We say something is sound because it’s ‘OK’ or ‘feels right’.

Sound is universal – it’s the foundation of all language and music, of exchange and culture. It’s a bond shared by all human kind and one proof of existence. Devialet is fascinated and inspired by sound. Instead of interpreting it or giving an impression of it, Devialet attempts to reproduce sound accurately without distortion – a true transference of the physical event of sound and reproduce it faithfully in your home. Listening to Devialet transports the listener to another place and time be it music, movie sound effects, or silence. Devialet was engineered to take advantage of the plethora of digital music formats and services in today’s market. Whether you are playing CDs, streaming digital music files from your Apple Macbook Pro via USB or music server, or streaming music from Spotify or Pandora, Devialet provides complete faithful reproduction of your digital music.

Over WiFI, the AIR (Asynchronous Intelligente Route) is the world’s most advanced audio streaming technology. Entirely designed for HD audio, it allows you to enjoy any computer-based content (up to 24bist/192kHz) without any compromise. It avoids having your computer’s operating system alter your music file’s sampling frequency before transmitting it to your Devialet. Devialet brings to the market their EVO or “Evolutionary” platform – an upgradeable platform fully driven by internal software allowing your Devialet to evolve and get better through significant software upgrades. This is a unique value proposition as within seconds, the Devialet software upgrades transcends your device improving its performance and adding functionality. These evolution’s are free, easy to process and made possible thanks to their talented 45 engineers, who work daily to improve your Devialet according to your needs.

Devialet’s software driven platform and DSP engine improves the performance of your speaker system through its SAM or “Speaker Active Matching” technology, uploading custom maps specific to your speaker’s parameters and processing in real-time the musical signal, ensuring that the sound pressure reproduced by the speaker matches exactly the one recorded by the microphone. Many popular speakers from B&W, Magico, Sonus faber, and more are available. If your speaker isn’t listed, you can submit a request to Devialet for a mapping to be configured! Devialet has a clear vision of the future of HiFi and go through great lengths to marry performance, elegance, and the convenience of digital music.