Totem Acoustic

__3539729To the native North American people, the totem represents an entity that chooses an individual and then guides that person during his or her life – this name was chosen as an ongoing symbolic representation of Totem’s mission and vision. For over 25 years, Totem Acoustic has built quality transducers with an unwavering focus on performance-driven design and engineering, and critical listening evaluation.

Based in Montreal, Totem engineering in grounded in harmonic expression proven through listening evaluation, which means creating synergy between cabinet
construction materials, veneers, stains, and lacquers. Totem also maintains its own woodshop, which is certainly expensive in an industry that sources so many of its speaker enclosures from China. For example, instead of using standard polyfill to dampen the speaker cabinet, Totem uses a paintable material called borosilicate. This 80% titanium-rich silicate suspension is a compound unequaled for micro-energy dissipation. Developed by NASA to prevent the ceramic
heat tiles from lifting off the space shuttle, it is said to dissipate molecular hot spots allowing Totem to construct speaker cabinets with little bracing for superior transient and organic response.

Totem invites discerning listeners to indulge in the pure experience of music and film and its philosophy is evident throughout their entire product range: from architectural speakers, on-wall flat panel solutions, and traditional floor standing speakers.