Wish your house was a smart home? It can be. You can automate just about everything—no matter how “new” or how “old” your house is. Control4 offers a multitude of solutions, from controlling just your TV and lighting to integrating and automating your entire home. With the 4Sight Anywhere Access App, you can monitor and control it all from your smartphone or tablet as well. Browse the latest issue of Home Smart Home magazine to learn how Control4 helps you automate:

  • Climate
  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Music
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Appliances


Imagine arriving at your home in the evening, your house alarm recognizes you, your driveway gate opens, and a path from the garage to the kitchen is lit – no struggling to find switches in the dark. Pressing a button when you leave your home sets your thermostat to ‘Efficient’ mode, turns off all lights, TVs, music, arms the alarm and then checks to make sure the door is locked after you leave. Each person you grant access to your home will have their own code and you’ll receive a text message when they enter or leave.

Creating a Smart Home is the right upgrade to your lifestyle to improve convenience, safety, efficiency and enjoyment. The time has arrived where all homes are becoming smarter and more efficient. AVID Home Theater wants to help you join this new world of convenience, safety and efficiency painlessly and with confidence. Whether you’re building or just bought a new home, remodeling, or are interested in retrofitting your existing home we would love to sit down and share how AVID and Control4 can create the Smart Home of your dreams. Please contact us for a free consultation to see how this technology improves your life!

About Avid Home Theater

Founded in 2005, Avid Home Theater specializes in Home Theater, Automation, High End Audio and Smart Technology for Residential and Commercial customers. Partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry, including Sonos and Control4, together we will plan, design and install a quality solution for every style and budget.