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High-End Audio


Music is not just a pastime, it is a passion, and listening to music is not just leisure, it is a soundtrack to life. As a core competency, we mix decades of experience and carefully assembled world-class product lines to deliver systems to delight the ears of music lovers. Great audio is not just a sum of the parts. We believe the old way of buying stereos is gone. Listening in a dedicated sound room, perfectly treated with equipment placed in locations that rarely if ever translate to a practical installation in the home is misleading. At least half of the performance of an audio system is defined by the listening space. The bottom line, a system will always sound different once you get it home and, in many cases, not as good. For these reasons, we approach the design of fine audio systems differently. We start at your home, assess the inherent challenges and limitations and then apply a combination of technology and expertise to ensure your system performs at and beyond expectation. We will help to dispel the many myths, eliminate waste, and get down to what matters. We offer systems with both prestige and value. Systems with classic or contemporary flair. Systems that disappear into the décor or make a statement as part of it. Systems that are designed for you, your home, your preferences, and your budget. And most importantly, systems that allow your music to take you to another place every time you listen.

Avid Home Theater High-End Audio
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