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Whether you want to reduce energy costs, simplify whole home lighting control or set the perfect mood, Lutron’s lighting control and shade solutions make that and more possible.

The AVID Home Theater Group has been successfully deploying Lutron systems in the Bay Area for many years and unlike most Lutron Dealers you may talk to, we maintain both electrical and low-voltage contractor’s licenses. This means we can install, service, and program Lutron systems without the need for you to hire a separate electrician. Working with us as your single provider will save you time, money and ensure a streamlined service response in the future.


For over three decades, Lutron HomeWorks has been the pinnacle of seamless lighting control. With HomeWorks QS, this next generation of lighting control adds a powerhouse of features including window coverings, fixtures, voice control, and control on the go from your mobile device.

Backed by an 8-year warranty and our robust technical support, HomeWorks QS is for homes in construction or undergoing a major remodel and easily supports even the most expansive estate.


In the late 1950s, Joel Spira filed for a patent for the first solid-state dimmer. In the coming years, Lutron was born. Since then, the company has continued to evolve and innovate. Today, Lutron is widely regarded as the preeminent manufacturer of natural and artificial lighting control products in the world. We at Avid Home Theater see a synergy with Lutron. 


The peak of innovation in residential solutions is Homeworks. The line exemplifies excellence and in our opinion, is the only solution for clients' modern, high-end homes. Furthermore, we've found Homeworks to be among the most reliable products in our industry. We regularly see twenty-year-old systems that work the way they did the day they were completed. And whether it's new construction, remodeling or retrofit, there's a Homeworks solution. 


Carrying low and line voltage electrical classifications with an emphasis on control and integration, Avid is uniquely capable of designing and deploying solutions that will bring any home to life. We invite you to explore the almost limitless options Lutron Homeworks and Avid Home theater offer.



RadioRa is based on Lutron's proprietary wireless technology and can be used in mid and smaller sized projects where wired communication is not an option. Ra Leverages some of the critical technology that makes Homeworks powerful including ClearConnect wireless and LED+ dimming. While Ra ultimately lacks some of the dynamic capability of Homeworks, when integrated with one of our control partner solutions, it is powerful in its own right. Furthermore, it's extremely retrofit-friendly and scalable. 


We believe that quality lighting control is paramount in today's modern home. And with RadioRa, more homes than ever can enjoy the peerless quality of Lutron in their home. 

Lutron Shade Solutions

Lutron is well known for their prowess in controlling artificial light. Controlling natural light is equally important and when you use Lutron products for both, unmatched comfort and beauty is realized. True to form, Lutron offers the highest quality shade solutions to meet most any application. They range from battery-operated and completely wire-free to low-voltage wired solutions that are perfect for new construction, remodel and retrofit, just as their artificial lighting control counterparts are known for. Bolstered by thousands of fabric and style configuration options, there is a Lutron shade solution for virtually any application. 


Adding Lutron shading allows Avid Home Theater to offer integrated solutions for the full control of light in any space. It allows us to offer unique synergy for our clients. The advantage of having one team who uniquely understands their needs and the systems required to meet them.     

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