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Video Surveillance


Safer - Smarter - Simpler



Making the case for protecting one's home is simple and finding solutions to protect our family, belongings and ourselves has never been easier. 


With so many options, what's the best solution? In the past, we've been confronted with a choice. The mass-market systems are inexpensive and offer easy-to-understand user interfaces. Some even have artificial intelligence (AI) features built in that can help make finding footage of incidents simpler. However, these systems tend to only be viable in smaller applications and often rely on limited hardware options that are lacking in quality. And while their feature set covers the basics, they're less robust than higher-end solutions. Meanwhile, systems consisting of better quality hardware that scales better and offers better quality can be difficult to use. 



A Better Solution and a Partner


Our newest surveillance systems are more powerful than they've ever been. But equally important, they're also intuitive and simple to use. Sifting through hours of footage using a complex interface is a thing of the past. One powerfully simple app combined with AI allows quick access to anything your system has captured. The video quality may be many times greater than popular mass-market systems and the ability to view footage in color is even possible after dark when other systems have switched to black and white. On top of all of this, you'll have the backing you've come to expect from the Avid team. 



Integrated and Secure


Our surveillance solutions integrate with leading home automation platforms more seamlessly than ever. Viewing through an app that you're familiar with and controls other critical systems in the home has never been easier. Open your control system's app from anywhere, and view and manage your home in an instant. Controlling locks, lighting, alarm, gates, etc. quickly and easily is certain to provide a new layer of security and peace of mind.  



Learn, Plan, Relax


Whether you're interested in adding surveillance as a part of a larger project or a retrofit our design specialists will put together the correct solution. We will assess your property, learn about your needs and priorities and design a system specifically for you and your home. Our team will install, configure and teach you how to access and use your new system. Then simply relax, knowing you've added a robust layer of security, deterring and protecting with power and simplicity. 

Avid Home Theater Video Surveillance
Avid Home Theater Video Surveillancer
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